college dundas intersection

One of Toronto's most confusing intersections just got a smart makeover

A Toronto intersection was one of the worst in the city — confusing and dangerous for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.

College and Dundas Streets intersect, just west of Lansdowne Avenue, in a kind of pie shape with St. Helens Avenue on the north side of the intersection and streetcars running along both Dundas and College adding to the mayhem.

For drivers and cyclists unfamiliar with the area, it is difficult to figure out how to safely navigate the intersection.

dundas college intersection

A cyclist attempts to turn left in the intersection of College and Dundas. City of Toronto photo

During the streetcar track replacement project that started in 2020, the City of Toronto had a chance to rework the intersection.

Under the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, a five-year plan to reduce traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries, the intersection got some much-needed upgrades.

This week, one of the engineers on the project, noted how the changes are now working well, particularly for cyclists.

"It's one of the most complex signalized intersections we've built," kanchan tweeted.

"There's a LOT going on here & there were very good reasons it wasnt previously signalized. Then we threw a bike signal+lay-by into it along with 2 TTC Streetcar routes timed with 2 nearby signals on 2 legs."

college dundas intersection

A map shows some of the proposed changes for the intersection. City of Toronto map

The improvements to the intersection include new traffic bike signals, bike crossing with green markings for bicycles to turn left and a layby for turning cyclists, wider sidewalks, new pedestrian crossings and upgrades to the existing bike lane, Eric Holmes, City of Toronto strategic communications, tells blogTO.

More changes are proposed for the intersection including enhancements to the local parkette at St. Helens Avenue, Holmes says.

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