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Toronto feels hotter than the hottest place on earth right now

It's been a brutal August of heat warnings and broken records in Toronto, the latest heatwave proving to be a real test of our patience and our air conditioning units. But how hot is it really?

Well, it turns out that it's even hotter in the city than some of the most well-known hotspots around the globe.

Mercury values are soaring so high in the 416 that today's high temperature with humidex factored in is even higher than Furnace Creek, California — the home of Earth's hottest temperature ever recorded.

Humidex values feeling as high as 42 degrees are still well below Furnace Creek's 1913 world record of 56.7 C, but above the town's daytime high for today of 38 C. Humidex is less of a factor in the arid desert of the aptly named Death Valley.

Furnace Creek may have a higher air temperature, but Toronto's humidity makes it feel just a few notches hotter today.

But wait, there's more!

We're also flying higher than sunny vacation destinations like Los Angeles, where it feels like 38 degrees with humidity, and Orlando, where it feels like 34 degrees.

It only feels like 33 in Mumbai today, Bangkok hovering around the same temperature.

The expected max humidex feel of 42 is right on par with today's temperatures in Dubai, known for its blistering temperatures.

Meanwhile, Phoenix is still the reigning monarch of extreme heat, flying too close to the sun with a downright unbelievable air temperature of 41 and humidity making it feel like 45 C.

Luckily, this appears to be the tail end of an uncharacteristically oppressive hot spell, and cooler temperatures are expected to alleviate our suffering tomorrow.

Scorching conditions will persist through the evening hours, but we may wake up Friday to much more tolerable temperatures.

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