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People got stuck on a ride at Canada's Wonderland again

The latest ride people have gotten stuck on at Canada's Wonderland during a summer of just trying to have fun after being cooped up in lockdown is the park's legendary Bat rollercoaster.

While a ride on The Bat may be a summer rite of passage, it's hard to experience the milestone if the ride isn't operating, as was the case on Aug. 19.

"We got into the park at about 12:15 p.m. on the 19th and right away noticed the Bat train wasn't moving," parkgoer Luke Stephenson tells blogTO.

"We went over to line up for the Wild Beast ride and spent about 30 minutes in line. They were able to start lowering the Bat very slowly."

Stephenson says he's not sure when the ride got stuck initially, but felt like it was stuck for at least an hour including the time they waited in line.

Canada's Wonderland had this statement for blogTO, which suggests the timing of Stephenson's observations could be a little bit off:

"On Aug. 19 at approximately 12:40 p.m. The Bat rollercoaster train stopped on the first lift with guests onboard. After an inspection by the park maintenance team, the train was returned to the station and guests were unloaded safely. The ride is open and operating normally."

When asked about the length of time people were stuck on board, the park stated, "The ride was stopped with guests onboard for 40 minutes. Our staff provided guests with water bottles and no injuries were reported."

People were stuck on the park's Lumberjack ride earlier this summer, and potential visitors have been contemplating whether they feel like risking it. However, the park did publish an article on their blog this summer about ride safety explaining why rides get stuck sometimes that may put their minds at ease.

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