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Hundreds of people in Ontario offer up cottages to famous actor amid Airbnb woes

Renowned English actor, producer and screenwriter John Cleese has issued a desperate call for a place to stay while filming a movie in Ontario, and being the polite and kindhearted Canadians that we are, residents have responded in droves to offer up their properties to the Monty Python co-founder and star.

Cleese, who appears to be in Huntsville filming a movie titled Cut The Painter, about a writer who retires to a small town in the Great White North, has apparently encountered some issues with the Airbnb home he had rented in the area during production.

"Does anyone in Huntsville, Ontario have a nice place I can rent to live in while I make a film?" the 81-year-old celeb and Conan O'Brien BFF tweeted to his 5.6 million followers on Sunday afternoon.

"Airbnb took our money but now say they've given our house to someone else."

People were quick to respond, offering up their lakefront cottages, family homes, and even their own bedrooms to the man, while also bemoaning Airbnb based on their own past experiences with the company.

"If you still need a place, we'll happily make it work. We don't Airbnb our place, but for you, we promise a great northern Ontario experience!" one fan proposed.

"A short 35 min drive from #Huntsville, and I'll be your Uber driver. Love your work. Only if you're double vaxxed."

"Nearby, there are many nice cottages. Retired NHL players own a lot of them. You might also wish to reach out to Eugene Levy. He knows that part of Ontario well. Kurt Russell as well," another smartly suggested.

"I'm about two hours away from Huntsville. I would be willing to give you the master bedroom," was among the more hilarious responses.

"You'd have to sleep beside my wife, but I promise her snoring is better now. At first I would have a lot of questions about Python and Fawlty Towers, but those would slow down over time."

Also chiming in was fellow big name Esther the Wonder Pig, who lives on a nearby sanctuary in Campbellville and had a comfortable bed to provide (in exchange for cupcakes).

Given Cleese's status, Airbnb also speedily answered, saying it was very sorry to hear about his problem with the platform and asking for a DM for more information to fix the reservation.

Cleese's original post has of course garnered nearly 1,000 responses, another 1,000-or-so retweets, 200 quote tweets and 5,000 likes and counting in less than 24 hours, meaning that the luminary likely now has more accommodation options than he knows what to do with.

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