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Firefighters from Mexico pass through Toronto on their way to northern Ontario

Firefighters arrived in Toronto from Guadalajara, Mexico yesterday on their way to help with forest fires in northern Ontario.

The moment was captured in a heartwarming photo that hundreds of people are liking and sharing on social media.

Over 100 forest fires are currently raging in the northern part of the province, resulting in the eerie smoky haze that took over the city earlier this week. A crew of 17 people also came from Atlantic Canada to help.

The Mexican fire crews will remain in their own cohorts in Ontario. Upon arrival, they went through COVID screenings as well as customs.

They then headed north to Thunder Bay on Canadian North Airlines on a Boeing 737.

"We are thankful for the brave efforts of these forest firefighters and all those that support their efforts to keep Northern Ontario communities safe," the airline posted in a caption accompanying the photo they shared on Facebook.

Several comments expressed nothing but support for the fire crews.

"Stay safe brave firefighters! Canadian North out of YYZ, neat!" wrote one person. "Thank you for your service and bravery! Stay safe!" wrote another.

Some people even commented in Spanish on Instagram, writing "¡Mucho gracias por tu ayuda en canadá! Work safely," and "Viva México cabrones!"

The firefighters are certainly deserving of our support, and hopefully their acts of courage will help with getting the fires up north under control.

Lead photo by

Tom Podolec

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