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The roof at the Rogers Centre is open and people have thoughts on what it could be used for

A lot of people in Toronto were surprised to see the dome at the Rogers Centre open earlier this week, especially considering that the Blue Jays have yet to be allowed to play in Toronto.

While opening the dome has always been a sign of a beautiful day for baseball, many people were left wondering what it could mean for a city that has been without hometown baseball for over a year.

Of course, many people jumped to the idea that this could be a sign that the Toronto Blue Jays will be making their way home some time in the near future. A welcome sight for a team who has had some of MLB's most lethal offensive players to start the season.

Others however, think it could possibly be a mass-vaccination site, like many other cities have done with their stadiums.

Then there's the extremely hopeful, who think the SkyDome would be a great place to hose a psuedo-outdoors event of sorts such as a beer garden, a concert, or some kind of farmers' market.

With patios opening up this weekend, seeing one of Toronto's most iconic venues seemingly prepare itself for something has a lot of people excited and wondering what it could be for.

Whether it's the return of baseball, or something else entirely, the dome opening up is just one of those things that make it feel like summer is finally here.

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