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Police arrest and slap driver in Brampton with hefty ticket for traffic weaving

Street racing and stunt driving in and around Toronto have gotten even worse over the course of the pandemic, with far too many instances of shockingly excessive speeds, ridiculous driving antics, full-on car meets and burnout-filled events packed with hundreds of people.

Local police have in recent weeks vowed to crack down on motorists who disobey the rules of the road, and have indeed busted tons of speeders, other dangerous drivers and llicit car-related gatherings.

One such perp was a driver in Brampton who was caught late last week doing something that others on the road definitely find annoying, but perhaps may not have realized was so punishable: traffic weaving.

We've all encountered those dicks who hastily veer all over the road, cutting over multiple lanes and jamming themselves too tightly between other moving cars just to get a few seconds ahead and change lanes once again.

Rarely signalling, these types of drivers definitely make behind the wheel feel a more treacherous place to be — and, rightfully, they can be fined pretty heavily for it.

In the case of this traffic weaving motorist — who was in a black BMW i8 on Highway 410 near Sandalwood Parkway — their high speed and lack of signalling is what landed them with a $400 ticket ($490 total payable), along with six demerit points and an arrest.

The cops pointed out in a tweet that "continuing to change lanes in and out of traffic and failing to signal" is considered careless, and reminded drivers to pay "due care and attention" with reasonable consideration for those around them to keep everyone safe.

Unfortunately, the responses to said tweet indicate that such inconsiderate driving habits are pretty par the coursed in Brampton and elsewhere in the GTA — which, apparently, some motorists seem to be mistaking for the other GTA.

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