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People in Toronto are obsessed with Mayor John Tory's hair right now

Toronto Mayor John Tory's sick flow is once again stealing the show from other matters of municipal government, only this time it isn't his wife's new blow-dryer we have to thank, but the sustained closure of barber shops amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking like a cross Beethoven and an NHL player, Tory's current hairdo hits the sweet spot between funny and cute... if I may call the hair of a politician cute. Think fluffy ducky meets old timey guy on the back of a Canadian banknote. 

The best part? It's completely unintentional — the result of nearly five months of complete prohibition on hair salons, barber shops and all personal care services in Toronto by order of the provincial government.

People on Twitter are taking great delight this week in Tory's hairstyle, as displayed at the city's regular COVID-19 update press conference Monday afternoon.

Many have taken to analyzing and comparing the 66-year-old former lawyer to other famous shaggy-haired folk.

Queen Elizabeth, Eddie MunsterGranny from the Beverly Hillbillies, various members of The Beatles at different points in their careers, Moe from The Three Stooges, Doc from Back to the Future, a wizard and "an old lesbian" are among the people and characters Tory has been compared to over the past 24 hours.

A ridiculous amount of people continue to comment on the mayor's hair as the week goes on, mostly to make jokes...

Or to ask questions...

But sometimes also with suggestions for Tory's locks and what should happen to them.

Some people are feigning concern for the mayor's well-being and/or reputation...

While others are flat out admitting that they're jealous.

Some are even identifying with Tory during these difficult times. 

"I may complain about John Tory but at least he's not getting a haircut illegally and just not giving f*ck while imposing restrictions on haircuts," wrote one local, taking an obvious shot at Ontario Premier Doug Ford who recently got his ears lowered (allegedly by his own wife and daughter.)

"As much as I can criticize John Tory on different issues, he is showing determination by delaying getting a haircut until the barbers/hairstylists are able to open," tweeted another.

Heck, Tory may have even inspired a hot new summer lewk.

While some people may find it frivilous to discuss a municipal leader's hair during a global pandemic (and rightly so), Tory's coif does seem to be bringing people together.

And there's no doubt that if he had recently got a chop, people would notice and be furious, just like they had been with Ford.

You really are damned if you do, damned if you don't in the high-stakes world of politicians getting haircuts during COVID.

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City of Toronto

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