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Ontario vet fires employees for making injured cat dance in TikTok video

King Hopkins Pet Hospital in Whitby has let three employees go after a TikTok video of staff making an injured cat dance went viral, prompting outrage and upset from members of the public.

The video, which has been shared widely across social media platforms, shows an employee holding up and shaking a cat that has bandaged legs, a cone around its neck and is hooked up to an IV as the animal squirms in visible discomfort.

The pet hospital's management acknowledged the video in a statement posted to Facebook earlier this week, writing that they were aware of situation and dealing with the involved staff accordingly to ensure something like this never happens again.

"Please note that this is not acceptable behaviour, and we do not condone handling or mistreating animals in any way," reads the statement. 

"We apologize to those who saw this extremely unacceptable video, and please be assured that appropriate actions will be taken to those involved. We are asking for your patience as we handle this situation internally."

In a follow-up statement posted later that day, the pet hospital's vet, Dr. Sasha Black, confirmed that the inviduals involved in the incident had been fired and that she does not and will not tolerate any mistreatment of pets at the hospital.

"For those who know me and know the entire team, know that we put our heart and soul in each pet as well as client we come in contact with," she said. "I have dismissed the individuals involved in the incident and I will ensure that your trust is regained."

Black said she had no idea the video had been made until it had been widely viewed, but that she and the hospital as a whole are now paying the price despite the involvement of a select few staff members who've since been dismissed.

"Our hospital's main objective at all times is the health, safety and welfare of all patients that pass throughout doors," she wrote.

"Rest assured we continue to love and care for your pets the best way possible. Our long standing clients as well as clients who have just met us in recent times know how much care we put into each work day relating to your fur babies and we hope the general public will find it in their heart to trust us as well."

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