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Couple who had their baby on the 407 will no longer have to pay tolls on the highway

A set of parents who gave birth to a baby in their truck on the side of the 407 will now get free travel on the Ontario toll highway for the next year, along with some other perks.

Erika and Troy Campbell made headlines last week when they released dashcam video footage of their trip to a Whitby hospital to welcome their third child into the world on May 10 — a car ride that quickly turned into an impromptu, unorthodox delivery in the passenger's seat on the shoulder of the road.

Sixteen days later, the company that manages and operates the thoroughfare has decided to give a little gift to new addition Nova Marie Campbell, her parents, and her siblings, all of whom are safe, healthy and doing well.

"The Campbells demonstrated amazing strength under very stressful circumstances and we are thrilled that mom and baby are doing well after this emergency delivery," the president and CEO of the 407 ETR Concession Company Limited said in a press release.

"It's not every day that we're part of story like this, and we're happy to send our congratulations to the Campbells with a gift to help them transport their young family around the GTA as quickly and safely as possible."

The family will now get toll-free travel on the freeway for one year (unfortunately not for life), as well as a gift certificate to help purchase car seats for their three kids.

The 407 tolls can add up quickly at up to 47.43 cents per kilometre travelled depending on the time, plus a $1 trip charge and $4.20 camera charge, and that's without the transponder lease fees of $3.95 per month and $24.50 per year for those with an account.

The Campbells' viral video has now been viewed nearly one million times on YouTube alone, which has led some detractors to speculate that the incident may have been staged — as if having to give birth without medical aid on the side of a highway could possibly be worth 15 minutes of fame.

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