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Trinity Bellwoods Park was a total gong show in Toronto this weekend

Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto was once again the site of a reckless spectacle this weekend as demonstrators congregated in and around the area to protest ongoing lockdown measures and stay-at-home orders. 

Hundreds of Toronto residents gathered at the park on Saturday afternoon with anti-lockdown signs — blatantly violating the province's outdoor gathering limits — and Toronto lawyer Caryma Sa'd, who was on-site during the protest, says demonstrators were not exercising safety precautions.

"Public health measures weren't being observed at the protest," Sa'd tells blogTO. "People were unmasked and not distanced."

And while police officers were in attendance, Sa'd says they seemed to be more focused on directing traffic away from the infamous Bubble Bus, which was parked on Queen Street West.

The outlandish vehicle is owned by Toronto resident Jim Kerr, and it can often be found blasting music and blowing bubbles at various anti-lockdown events throughout the city.

"Lots of police were surrounding the Bubble Bus. There's a party wherever that bus goes because of the music (and bubbles)," says Sa'd. "There was back-and-forth about the noise, and police shut off the generator. Shortly thereafter the Bubble Bus drove away."

While it's unclear how long the crowds persisted once the bus left, many people have since taken to Twitter to lambaste police for not doing more to disperse the crowds and hold people accountable. 

"How to get the cops to do something about this?" wrote one resident on Twitter. "Just tell them it's a BLM protest."

"Meanwhile go see how the police treated a peaceful protest against police violence in Malton today," wrote another

And people have also been using social media to point out how dire the COVID-19 situation in Toronto is at the moment, making this protest seem all the more irresponsible and dangerous.

"This is why this pandemic goes on and on and on.... Repeat," wrote one user.

"This is Toronto," wrote another. "Highest number of cases in the province with the highest number of cases. Meanwhile our hospitals are bulging and people are dying."

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Caryma Sa'd

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