Cherry Street Stormwater Management Facility

Toronto just got a strange new building and here's what it's for

Toronto's skyline is no stranger to some weird buildings. Even in the past year plenty of odd ones have been proposed or made their debut, though none may be more unusual than the sci-fi looking grey unit of a building that recently completed construction near the waterfront.

Located near Lake Shore and Cherry Street, the building seems to resemble a mad-scientists lair or a training ground for virtual reality space battles. In reality, it turns out it's actually the home of Toronto's newest stormwater management facility.

Apologies if that news rains on the parade of those hoping for something more exciting, but the good news is the facility could finally help prevent the dreaded basement floods that have plagued parts of Toronto for years.

"The integrated system protects communities from flooding by safely capturing and conveying stormwater," says Waterfront Toronto. "It also removes pollutants before directing water to the lake, laying the groundwork for a cleaner waterfront that can support sustainable new communities."

The building will have the capacity to treat 1,450 litres of water per second exceeding the City of Toronto’s guidelines for stormwater treatment and meeting Waterfront Toronto’s broader commitment to protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

Despite doing a lot of good for the city, the building may forever be known best by its design, having already won a number of awards in the past year including being named one of the "Striking Architecture Projects Shaping Design in 2021" from Azure Magazine, one of the "Ten Coolest New Buildings to Gawp at this Year" from the Times of London.

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