toronto bike lanes platforms

Toronto now has loading platforms in bike lanes and here's how they work

In hopes of making roads safer for Toronto cyclists and those making deliveries, the Danforth now has a loading zone bike platform.

The city isn't known for being the safest for people on bikes and now that curbside deliveries are more common due to COVID-19 restrictions, the risks of collisions are amplified. 

toronto bike lanes platforms

The checkered platform allows those making deliveries to safely cross while cyclists wait to continue along the bike path.

In order to mitigate this, a bright, patterned platform has been installed to mark a special delivery zone near Broadview and Danforth avenues.

"We implemented the platform to facilitate these deliveries while navigating the bike lane," says the Broadview-Danforth BIA in an Instagram post. "However, it can be used as a drop-off of passengers requiring assistance to the curbs."

The platform essentially works like a crosswalk in a bike lane.

toronto bike lanes platforms

There will soon be a yield sign installed so cyclists know what to do at the loading zone bike platform.

"The requirement is of course that the cyclists yield at any time someone is to cross it to accommodate for safe passage over the platform," the post says.

Though there is no signage yet explaining what the new platform is for, the BIA says they will be putting some up soon.

The platform is a partnership between the City and the BIA, and according to the City is a similar design to the transit stop platforms already in place along King Street and on University Avenue.

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