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Fist fight breaks out between Toronto tow truck drivers on Highway 401

The infamous tow truck turf wars of Toronto may best be known for involving such battle tactics as arson and fraud, but it would seem soldiers aren't above some hand-to-hand combat when necessary.

At least, that's how I interpret this insane helicopter footage of two tow truck drivers brawling on the shoulder of the 401 last night.

Captured by 680 News traffic reporter Jordan Kerr on Tuesday around 6 p.m., the video in question shows three people — two of them in reflective vests — arguing in front of a stalled red Volkswagen.

Kerr told CityNews that one tow truck had originally pulled up to the car, but that two more soon arrived. The drivers of all three trucks were seen arguing in the eastbound express lanes of Highway 401 near Bayview.

Eventually, two men came to blows as a third tried to break up the fight (which, for the record, was taking place just inches from live, rush hour traffic.)

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt confirmed that police had "received a call for a two-vehicle crash on the 401 eastbound express at Leslie" on Tuesday evening.

One car involved in the collision had already driven off by the time tow trucks arrived, but it seems as though multiple operators were keen to haul away the other.

So, apparently, they scrapped.

Following the fight, two drivers could be seen retreating to their own vehicles while a third spoke to bystanders who had pulled over from the opposite side of the highway to gawk.

No injuries or arrests were reported in connection with the incident, but it's safe to say commuters who passed by the fight have a new party story to tell.

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CityNews Toronto

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