when is daylight savings time in ontario

Clocks to spring forward in Ontario this weekend despite bill to get rid of time changes

It's that time of year again, folks: Another winter has come and (mostly) gone and the spring time change is officially upon us.

Ontario residents will spring forward into Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, March 14 at 2 a.m., on what will be the shortest day of the year  — lasting just 23 hours.  

This means one hour of precious sleep will be lost for all those who have to wake up by a certain time Sunday, and residents will likely experience some of the brief disorientation that often comes with changing the clocks. 

For those who may be wondering why the time change is still happening despite the bill that passed in the legislature last year and paved the way for Daylight Saving Time to become permanent, you're not alone. 

Ottawa West-Nepean MPP Jeremy Roberts tabled a private members bill called the Time Amendment Act to get rid of the twice annual time change back in November, and it received full support from the legislature.

The bill came after years of debate about whether the time changes are necessary as well as moans and groans from residents who would prefer not to watch the sun set before 5 p.m. during what is already the darkest season of the year. 

But while the bill did pass in the legislature, it still requires Royal Assent before turning into law, and Ontario's Attorney General only agreed to do this alongside neighbouring jurisdictions Quebec and New York.

Quebec did express some interest in doing the same, but both provinces are waiting on one another as well as New York to make the switch and will observe the time change as usual this year as a result. 

The same goes for B.C., which also took steps towards making Daylight Saving Time permanent last year but is waiting on California before implementing the change.

And since it doesn't seem like Ontario will actually be making Daylight Saving Time permanent in practice anytime soon, you can prepare to move your clocks back when DST once again comes to an end on Sunday, Nov. 7. 

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