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People are sharing their unpopular opinions of Toronto and some are pretty harsh

As if the internet weren't already filled with enough scorching hot takes, Toronto Redditors recently engaged in a discussion of unpopular opinions about the city that consisted of over 800 comments — and some of them are pretty cutting.

On Monday, the original poster, bigshotbargnani7, wrote: "Saw this on r/Vancouver and thought people might enjoy it here," asking the question: "What's your unpopular opinion about Toronto?"

Perhaps the most common criticism of the city was pointing out how unaesthetic it can be in everything from architecture to public spaces. A number of commenters kept things simple by calling Toronto an ugly city, while others went into more detail.

"This city gets more generic and soulless by the year. End of the decade it's just gonna be all cookie cutter condos and Rexalls," explained one user

"Our public spaces are often ugly af. The furniture looks cheap, they're far too concrete-heavy, and there's just a general belief that if it works, it works, so there's no motivation to create a really beautiful and welcoming space," said another after a reply listed Nathan Phillips Square as the most egregious example of this.

It wasn't just the city that people took issue with, but the people within it as well. Several users mentioned that most residents of Canada's largest city are cold, unfriendly, and generally lack empathy.

It wasn't all negativity, though — plenty of praise was mixed in with the bad with Toronto's transit system and airports receiving the most praise.

"The TTC is highly underrated. It arguably has the best bus network on the continent, and is highly integrated with the rest of the network," reads the top comment on the entire thread. "The subway system isn't as good as NYC or Chicago, but the transit available in the suburbs is vastly superior to that of basically any US city."

Throughout the entire discussion, the common thread seemed to be that Toronto is getting too expensive and its culture is dying as a result. Several users showed concern that living in this city simply wasn't an option for anyone who lacked significant wealth.

Many pointed out that as the cost of living increases, the city loses its soul in the process.

"It's sad but prices this high are incompatible with fun nightlife and a vibrant cultural scene," explained one comment. "When nobody young or in creative pursuits have any expendable income nothing happens."

Although it seems that some of these unpopular opinions may not have been so unpopular after all, having a discussion on how the city can improve is always a worthwhile task for those who want to see Toronto continue to grow.

There's a lot to love about Canada's largest city, but some constructive criticism is always welcome. Whether anyone acts on it is a different story.

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