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Ice floes have been spotted all over Lake Ontario and they're gorgeous

Ice floes are all over Lake Ontario thanks to the recent chilly temperatures, and they've made for some pretty cool photos and videos in Toronto.

Temperatures have been averaging around -5 C for this past month. making conditions perfect for the ice floes.

Ice floe, for the uninitiated, is just a fancy word for a large pack of floating ice.

Don't let the mundane definition deter you from checking them out, though.

People around Toronto and the GTA who braved the cold managed to capture some stunning shots of the ice. 

While they're gorgeous, remember not to jump on them, though, as walking on ice can get pretty dangerous. 

Last week, a man started to float away while skating on Lake Ontario.

Meanwhile, this past weekend 66 people had to be rescued from ice floes that went adrift in Lake Michigan.

Stick to the pictures, folks.

Lead photo by

Stephanie Chen

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