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Doug Ford criticized for taking selfie with big crowd of nurses at Pearson Airport

Doug Ford visited Toronto's Pearson International Airport today to get an update on the province's new mandatory testing program, and, as he often does, the premier posed for multiple photo ops while he was there. 

Ford posted several pictures of his excursion to his Twitter profile Wednesday afternoon, and they show him speaking to police officers, nurses and airport staff from a relatively safe distance. 

"International travel is how COVID-19 arrived in Ontario last year," he wrote in the post. "We know the UK and South African variants are here and they also arrived through international travel."

But another photo, shared on social media by photographer Frank Gunn, is garnering much more reaction than the posed shots shared by the premier, and it shows him taking a selfie with a crowd of roughly seven nurses with no social distancing in effect. 

The photo has prompted plenty of reaction from Ontario residents who are understandbly sick of seeing politicians holding themselves to a different standard than the rest of the public, including more than 100 replies on Twitter as of Wednesday afternoon at 3:45 p.m.

Some of the replies include questions from residents about why this photo op isn't subject to the province's own ban on indoor gatherings.

And others are pointing out how unfair it is that businesses have to stay shuttered when the premier is out breaking his own rules in public.

Some are also wondering why Ford continues to go to the airport instead of visiting long-term care homes.

Tyler Watt, a registered nurse and a candidate for an Ontario Liberal nomination in Ottawa, meanwhile managed to sum up the sentiment expressed by many on social media this afternoon.

"I am very disappointed in everyone here, including Premier @fordnation, getting in close contact like this for an unnecessary selfie," he wrote. "Not appropriate or professional. Do better, Premier. #onpoli."

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Doug Ford

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