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Video shows how Toronto wildlife experts catch coyotes with mange

Coyote sightings are far from uncommon in Toronto, and it's sadly not too unusual to come across a wild canine suffering from mange — a painful skin disease — either. 

When residents do happen upon a coyote who is clearly sick with the disease, they are advised to immediately call the Toronto Wildlife Centre — the city's registered charity that provides medical care and rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. 

TWC volunteers and employees have saved the lives of countless creatures in our city over the years, and they posted a video earlier this week showing just how difficult it can sometimes be to capture a wild animal in distress. 

"Catching wildlife in need requires teamwork!" wrote the wildlife centre on Twitter this past weekend. "TWC's Rescue Team recently helped catch this coyote suffering from mange after he was found under a deck."

The video shows a wildlife expert named Andrew crawl underneath a deck and use some kind of animal control pole to lure the sick coyote out, though the creature is clearly scared and apprehensive. 

The rest of the team can be seen waiting to help get the canine into the carrier, which they successfully do after Andrew eventually manages to get him out.

According to TWC, the coyote was then brought to the wildlife hospital and began receiving treatment for mange, which is a type of contagious skin disease caused by parasitic mites, and he'll be released back into the wild as soon as he has recuperated. 

While only 28 seconds long, the short clip offers a glimpse into what TWC volunteers face on a daily basis while doing everything in their power to keep the beautiful animals of this city safe and healthy. 

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Toronto Wildlife Centre

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