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It's going to feel like -18 C in Toronto by the end of this week

Tuesday's massive snow storm gave Toronto residents their very first taste of real, authentic Canadian winter weather so far this season, and it's not over yet. 

While the snow may have slowed to a halt, temperatures are expected to remain frigid for at least the rest of this week, with some of the coldest weather of the season expected to hit Toronto before the weekend arrives.

According to The Weather Network, Wednesday's weather is expected to reach a high of -3 C, though it'll feel like a chilly -9 C with the wind chill. 

On Thursday, the forecast calls for a high of -9 C, which will feel more like -12 with the wind, and that's not even the coldest it's going to get. 

On Friday afternoon, Toronto is expected to reach a high of -10 C, marking the lowest temperature seen in the city so far this season, and it'll feel like a freezing -18 C with the wind.

Thanks to the biting weather, it looks like the snow that has accumulated on Toronto's streets and sidewalks actually has a chance of lasting — at least until next week. 

"Beyond Tuesday's snow, southern Ontario will see fair weather and rather cold temperatures for mid and late-week," reads a Weather Network blog post published Tuesday. 

"In fact, the coldest temperatures of the season so far for many areas are expected for Friday and into Saturday along with a brisk northwest wind. That means Tuesday's snow will have a chance to stick around into next week."

Following the cold weather expected for the end of this week, Toronto could actually get even more snow during the weekend.

"There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the storm track and how far north and east the snow will reach into southern Ontario," said meteorologist Doug Gillham in the blog post of the messy system that could hit Toronto on Sunday.

"Hamilton and Niagara have the best chance of seeing significant snow and we will have to closely watch the GTA."

So if you didn't already have enough of a reason to stay home, Toronto, the frigid and snowy weather should probably do it. 

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