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People in Toronto are glad the city is finally getting a real snow storm

Toronto may have gone through all of November, December and most of January without seeing a massive winter storm with enough snow to actually stick to the ground long-term, but the streak has officially been broken. 

Heavy snow has been falling over Toronto since the early morning hours and an Environment Canada weather advisory remains in effect, with up to 15 cm expected to blanket the city throughout the day and into the evening. 

It's the biggest weather event Toronto has seen all season, and residents have been taking to social media all day to share photos and videos of the snow — all while expressing their excitement that such a storm is finally happening after so many months of grey and dreary weather. 

Some residents, in fact, have been waiting for this day all season. 

And some say it's definitely an improvement from a "disgusting six-month mash up of fall and spring."

With the pandemic keeping most people inside, it's no surprise that many of the reactions to the storm are positive considering it's much nicer to watch a blizzard from the comfort of your home than to try and commute to work in the midst of it.

Still, some have no choice but to venture out into the snow-filled streets, and meteorologists are warning of the dangers of driving in the current conditions.

"Rapidly accumulating snow may make travel difficult," reads the Environment Canada alert. "Visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow and local blowing snow."

According to Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham, the snow from today's storm is expected to stick around for over a week, with "more traditional mid-winter weather" in the forecast for next week. 

So regardless of how members of the public feel about the fact that Toronto looks like a literal snow globe right now, it seems winter is finally here to stay — at least for a little while.

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