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City of Toronto issues extreme cold weather alert amid freezing winter temps

An extreme cold weather alert has just been issued for Toronto, marking the end of the fairly mild winter we've been blessed with thus far.

The City's office of emergency management and medical officer of health jointly made the announcement on Thursday morning, advising residents to seek shelter and to check on loved ones and vulnerable populations.

Cold weather alerts are issued in the city when it is expected to drop to or below the - 15 C mark, and/or when the wind chill feels like - 20 C or worse.

Temperatures, according to The Weather Network, started of absolutely brutal this morning and are currently -12 C, feeling like a much colder -19 C with the wind chill, and going up to only -7 C by the afternoon, but feeling more like -13 C.

Overnight, the forecast says it will fall to -15 C but feel like a frigid -23 C, definitely the chilliest we've seen this winter yet, rising a meagre one degree by Friday morning.

Things will warm up by tomorrow afternoon, but hardly: it's set to be -9 C, but still feeling like double digits below at -15C.

The alert will remain in effect until further notice, and City staff have opened up four warming centres as a result at 129 Peter, 5800 Yonge, Exhibition Place's Better Living Centre and the Scarborough Civic Centre.

Citizens are being instructed to call 311 if they encounter anyone out in the cold and in need of assistance.

It was just a few days ago that Toronto started really getting weather fit for the season, with chillier temps moving in by the end of the week and a snow storm blanketing the streets in white on Tuesday.

Though some have happily welcomed the traditional winter climate, it doesn't make our tenth week in severe lockdown any more enjoyable — though it does make it easier to hunker down indoors and heed the recent stay-at-home order.

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