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Ontario nurse fired after speaking at anti-lockdown rally in D.C.

An Ontario nurse and outspoken anti-lockdown advocate has finally been terminated from her position at a prominent hospital in London — with cause — after months of publicly promoting a "COVID fraud" conspiracy theory.

Kristen Nagle, who previously worked as a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse for London Health Sciences Centre, first came to the attention of critics in November for helping to organize a "Freedom Rally" in the Southwestern Ontario city.

Nagle was charged under the Reopening Ontario Act for her role in the anti-lockdown protest and subsequently placed on unpaid leave pending an investigation.

Then, last week, video footage surfaced of she and a colleague from Toronto (an RPN who'd already been fired) speaking at another anti-lockdown event on Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C.

"The psychological damage being done is irreversible," said Nagle, referring to the impacts of COVID-19 public health restrictions, while speaking in D.C. "What are we doing to our children?"

"It seems that the future of health is no longer eating whole foods, movement and allowing kids to get dirty — it is masks, gloves, sterile environments, isolation, stay home, no more social gatherings, no more visits with family or friends, and a push for more synthetic drugs," she continued.

"As a nurse and a mother I cannot stand idly by and watch the devastation this is having... When we no longer have autonomy over our own bodies and our childrens we have lost everything, and this alone should terrify everyone."

Nagle, who also runs an online community called "Sweaty Successful Moms,"called upon attendees to "rise together for the future of our children and humanity" before yielding the mic to other speakers.

Clips from the "Global Frontline Nurses Summit" event were later posted to Instagram by the group who organized it: Nurses Against Lockdowns.

According to CBC News, members of the GFN group "claim hospitals around the world are misreporting cases of the virus and needlessly placing patients on ventilators and diagnosing people with COVID-19 in order to make money off the crisis."

As if promoting such views weren't enough to land a provincially-paid healthcare worker in hot water, Nagle was also criticized for visiting the U.S. against the recommendations of public health officials, who continue to ask that people stay home and avoid non-essential travel.

"Kristen Nagle is an RN working at the neonatal intensive care unit at London Health Sciences Centre. She has been responsible for anti-mask rallies and travelled to DC for the siege on their capital," reads a petition calling for the nurse of 15 years to have her license revoked.

"Amazingly, she still has a job and is considered to be in 'good standing' with the college of nurses. This is not acceptable! I would not want anyone I love being cared for by a nurse who buys into these anti mask, anti democracy and anti science conspiracy theories."

A counter-petition with roughly three times as many signatures disputes the claim that Nagle went to D.C. for the Capital seige, that she is not a threat to patients, and that she should be allowed to practice nursing.

The regulatory body handling these matters (the College of Nurses of Ontario) has launched an investigation into Nagle and the Toronto registered practical nurse who accompanied her in Washington.

What happens with their licences remains to be seen, but Nagle has clearly lost her job in the London NICU.

"After initially learning of actions involving an NICU nurse at London Health Sciences Centre that were not aligned with LHSC's values back in November, immediate action was taken to place her on an unpaid leave pending the results of an internal investigation, which is now complete," reads a statement from the hospital.

"While we are not able to address the specifics of the investigation, we can confirm that the nurse has been terminated with cause. Safeguarding the health of our patients and their families, staff and physicians is of the utmost importance and remains our top priority."

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