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Downtown Toronto just got a breathtaking new community centre and education campus

The Canoe Landing Community Recreation Centre is finally complete, transforming the green space into a sparkling new hub for adults and kids by CityPlace.

More than three years since its official ground-breaking, this newly-built $65 million facility at the corner of Fort York Boulevard and Brunel Court is raring to go.

canoe landing community centre toronto

The Canoe Landing Community Recreation Centre has officially launched after more than 3 years in the making.

Of course, all indoor recreation facilities are currently off-limits, but when restrictions are lifted, people in Toronto will have new access to this beautiful three-storey recreational building with red and wood accents.

canoe landing community centre toronto

The new multi-use facility is a three-storey building with multiple community uses.

Located adjacent to Canoe Landing Park, the Canoe Landing centre sits on Block 31, formerly Canadian National Railway land.

canoe landing community centre toronto

The new centre sits adjacent to the existing Canoe Landing Park.

As Toronto's population continues to grow, the Centre represents part of a $2.2 billion, 20-year plan to enhance and expand parks and recreation facilities.

canoe landing community centre toronto

The building was made in partnership with the City of Toronto, ZAS Architects, and The Planning Partnership.

Partnering with ZAS Architects and The Planning Partnership, Block 31 has transformed from empty land to a multi-use facility with two new elementary schools, a community recreation centre, a community space, and a child care centre.

canoe landing community centre toronto

The indoor play space was designed by the Ontario Science Centre.

Entering into agreements with the TDSB and TCDSCB, the new Bishop Macdonell Catholic Elementary School and Jean Lumb Public School (which serves 550 students each) launched last year. 

An epic indoor play space is designed and built by the Ontario Science Centre. 

canoe landing community centre toronto

The centre features a gymnasium with a mezzanine running track.

Now complete is the community recreation centre, with its double gymnasium and a mezzanine running track. 

canoe landing community centre toronto

A studio serves as a fitness and dance facility with exercise bikes available.

There's a fitness and dance studio, with exercise bikes in the next-door room.

canoe landing rereation community centre

A kitchen space is open for teaching opportunities with students.

A teaching kitchen comes equipped with some sleek new appliances.

canoe landing community centre toronto

The Centre's roof includes an outdoor walking track. 

Most impressive might be the active roof, which has a basketball court and a walking track with a killer view of the CN Tower.

canoe landing community centre

The Centre's rooftop is equipped with photovoltaic panels that generate renewable energy.

There's also a raised garden, and a sloping green roof. Photovoltaic panels generate 10 per cent renewable energy, according to ZAS.

canoe landing community centre toronto

Basketball nets are available for rooftop games of pick up.

Across the street in the adjacent park is an artificial turf field.

canoe landing community centre toronto

The rooftop also features raised planters. 

At a time when public spaces feel more necessary than ever, it's heartening to see new City builds that cater to community and best of all, are totally free to use.

canoe landing community centre toronto

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Hector Vasquez

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