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Toronto could get hit with a snowstorm just in time for Christmas

Every year, around this time, the exact same question arises: Will Toronto see a white Christmas?

And while it's difficult to know for sure what the weather will bring on Dec. 25, or any other day of the year for that matter, meteorologists do their best to outline what we can expect in the days leading up to Christmas. 

Up until now, Toronto's Christmas forecast hasn't been clear, with The Old Farmer's Almanac Long Range Weather Forecast For Toronto calling for the snowiest periods of the season in mid-December and The Weather Network's 2020-2021 Winter Forecast also predicting a period of heavy snowfall in December

Toronto has in fact seen some snow so far this month, as predicted, but temperatures haven't been quite chilly enough for it to stick around long-term.

But now that Christmas is exactly one week away, The Weather Network has a slightly more specific forecast for the holiday. 

According to a blog post from TWN, meteorologists are watching a system that could impact Southern Ontario on Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day, but it's slightly too soon to say for sure whether the storm will bring rain or snow, or whether it will even arrive in time for Christmas.

"Much of northern Ontario is in good shape, snow cover-wise, but much of southern Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area, has a low chance of a White Christmas," reads the blog post. 

"Though there've been a few shots of snow this winter, milder temperatures have kept it from sticking around for most places outside the snow belts."

Fortunately, TWN's regular seven-day forecast currently calls for snow in Toronto on Dec. 24, and it says roughly 5 cm is expected to fall throughout that day. 

So while there's no guarantee we'll see a white Christmas in 2020, here's hoping Thursday's snowfall is punctual and bountiful enough to blanket the city in white just in time for the most magical day of the year.

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