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Toronto is about to get hammered with snow as temperatures plummet

The weather outside is about to get frightful, and driving will be anything but delightful in Toronto as vicious winds and snow squalls move into Southern Ontario.

This, according to meteorologists who are calling for a messy day (or few days) of weather with up to ten centimetres of snow possible in some parts of the city.

"A pair of lake-effect snow events will continue to challenge drivers across Ontario this week, with a wide range in snow totals expected over some short distances," wrote the Weather Network on Tuesday morning,

"As winds shift to the east by Wednesday, the snow squalls will ultimately reverse in direction putting more of the GTA at risk, especially near the west end of Lake Ontario."

It's hard to say when, exactly, the worst of this weather will hit, but "a band of intense lake-effect snow" is heading straight for Canada's largest city, bringing with it some of the coldest temperatures we've experienced yet this season.

A high of -4 C is forecast for Wednesday, but it'll feel more like -12 C thanks to the wind chill. As for snow accumulation, it all depends on the speed and direction of a massive winter storm targeting the U.S. east coast.

"Lake effect snow is notorious for wide ranges in snow totals over short distances, so we will see a range in snow totals across the region," says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham of the incoming lake-effect system.

"Most places between Toronto and Hamilton should see between 2 to 5 cm of snow, but locally higher totals are possible."

What we do know for sure is that drivers should be cautious when hitting the roads: Blowing snow, low visibility and even patches of black ice have already been reported north of the GTA.

"Tricky driving conditions" are expected from Toronto to Hamilton on Wednesday morning. A snow band over the city could lead to "unrelenting snow for most of the day," according to 680 News Meteorologist Jill Taylor.

That, or the flurries will be split up into two batches — one in the morning, one in the mid-afternoon.

Either way, it's going to be cold, windy and wet out there in Toronto tomorrow. Be prepared.

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