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Ontario child sends letter apologizing for calling police while fighting with her mom

Kids just do the darndest things these days. 

An Ontario child gave the South Simcoe Police 911 communicators a good laugh today by sending an adorable apology card for calling them when she shouldn't have. 

According to police, the young girl from Bradford dialed 911 recently to report that she was having an argument with her mom, and the operator then had to explain the proper use of the emergency phone number. 

Police say the little girl was extremely apologetic when she learned that she shouldn't just dial 911 every time she's upset, and the card she later sent to officers proves she really did learn her lesson. 

"I am so sorry (1000 times sorry)," reads the adorable letter filled with colourful drawings.

"I am so sorry for calling 911 when I didn't need help. I will not do it ever again. I hope you will forgive me."

The precious card also features a drawing of a police officer and his "cop dog," as the girl calls it, as well as three smiley faces with different reactions depending on whether or not she is forgiven. 

"I feel bad!!!" she added. 

Judging by the time and effort that clearly went into making this card, it's safe to say the Bradford girl won't likely be calling 911 to report a non-crime again anytime soon.

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South Simcoe Police

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