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The CN Tower is brightening up the holidays in Toronto with unreal lights displays

The CN Tower is outdoing itself with its lights display this Christmas, bringing a smile to residents who may be feeling a little more Grinchy than ho-ho-ho this season.

The holidays might look completely different this year thanks to lockdown and COVID-19 health and safety measures, but that doesn't mean that there isn't room for a bit of cheer.

We may not be able to go Christmas shopping in-person or visit friends and family for dinners and other gatherings, but there are still ways we can connect with one another virtually and mark the holidays safely from home.

A physically distanced walk around the city and a glimpse of Toronto's iconic tower is one way we can try and get into a more festive mood.

A number of residents are already sharing their appreciation for the themed lights this year, which illuminate the tower with swirls of red and green, and even include white snowflakes.

The sight looks particularly merry flanked by reflective skyscrapers or some Christmasy lit-up foliage.

We're in for some snow of our own just in time for Christmas Day tomorrow, which will hopefully replace the current dreary rain with some more seasonally-appropriate weather and help us feel a little more celebratory.

Some social media users have gotten particularly creative with their images of the attraction, photoshopping in Santa's sleigh and reindeer for a magical rendering of the Toronto skyline leading up to the big day.

Others are finding the tower on its own, along with other lights displays in and around the city, inspiring enough.

After an unprecedentedly brutal year, it's important to keep spirits up and remain thankful for all we do have this holiday season — and to hold out hope that with the arrival of the vaccine, better times are indeed ahead.

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