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Arrival of COVID vaccine has frontline healthcare workers dancing in Toronto hospitals

It's been a while since anyone had cause for a happy dance, especially the healthcare workers who have been battling the pandemic on the front lines — but the preparation for and arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine has changed all of that, giving hospitals in Toronto and around the world something to celebrate.

With the Moderna inoculation just approved by Health Canada on Wednesday and immunizations with the Pfizer-BioNTech equivalent already underway across the country, hospital staff, government officials and everyday residents alike are gearing up for what is hopefully a return to a life that's a little more normal than the hell the virus has put us through this year.

Staff at Humber River hospital near Keele and the 401 in Toronto are so excited about their shot, in fact, that they were literally dancing through the halls.

The facility shared a video on social media of its joyful staff energetically honouring the opening of its new COVID vaccination clinic today with all of their best moves.

The footage has received an outpouring of support and responses from those who found themselves unable to keep from smiling upon watching.

Users called the post uplifting, and took the opportunity to thank all healthcare workers for their unwavering courage and long hours saving COVID patients.

"Congrats — So happy for you all, and eventually all of us, the general population. Great dancers too," one remarked.

"That's great news! Here's to 2021 and that light at the end of the tunnel," another said.

Inoculations in Ontario have already started with frontline employees in hospitals and long-term care homes, with tens of thousands of doses expected in the hot spots of the province this month.

The vaccines will be gradually distributed to healthcare workers across the entire province in phase one of the rollout, with residents of congregate living situations and First Nations, Métis and Indigenous communities next on the list.

The majority of Canadians are expected to receive the vaccine, if they so choose to, by September 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said.

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