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Toronto police broke up Halloween party of more than 60 people hosted by anti-maskers

While most Toronto residents chose to make responsible decisions this Halloween weekend by staying home or celebrating outside and socially distancing, it seems one group of partiers decided they were above the rules. 

Speaking during the city's COVID-19 press briefing Monday afternoon, General Manager of the Office of Emergency Management and Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg said police responded to a party with 60-70 guests in attendance this past weekend. 

He said the situation was responded to and dealt with quickly, adding that charges were laid against one of the organizers, who is an anti-masker. The matter remains under investigation. 

Current provincial orders state that anyone caught hosting a get-together of more than 10 people indoors could be hit with a $10,000 ticket, while attendees could face fines of $750 each.

Fortunately, aside from a couple incidents, Chief Pegg said Halloween weekend in Toronto was an overall success. 

"Over the course of the weekend, our enforcement teams responded to 33 complaints relating to private gatherings," he said.

Of these complaints, only two resulted in enforcement action being required and two tickets being issued following investigation, one of which was the massive party. 

"The remaining 31 complaints did not require further enforcement action," he said. "Thank you, Toronto, for being so considerate and so diligent."

Chief Pegg added that Halloween night always leads to an increase in emergency calls, but this weekend fortunately didn't see the overwhelming number of calls it easily could have amid Halloween in a pandemic.

"Halloween is always a busy and often demanding night for our emergency services and healthcare professionals," he said. 

"And while emergency response call volumes are always higher than normal on Halloween night, I'm very pleased to report that we did not experience abnormal increases over the course of Halloween 2020."

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