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Witches spotted celebrating Halloween by paddleboarding on Lake Ontario

If you've been looking for a sign that Halloween isn't completely cancelled in and around Toronto this year, an eerie sight at the waterfront in Mississauga over the weekend confirms that people are definitely still in the spirit.

witches torontoA local photographer managed to capture some peculiar images of what appears to be a group of witches taking part in some wholesome fun on the water near the Credit River Inlet, just west of downtown Toronto.

witches torontoThe coven was spotted in full uncanny garb while paddleboarding — witches' favourite sport, it seems — casting sinister silhouettes against the backdrop of the orange sunset, which made for some perfectly Halloween-y vibes.

witches torontoPhotographer Malcolm Bryston uploaded the pictures to Facebook, and they've since gained some traction online as we approach the holiday, which many fear will be completely ruined by the second wave of COVID-19.

Canadian Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam this week assured the public that trick-or-treaters can still enjoy the festivities this year so long as everyone heeds health and safety advice, but residents of the Ontario hotspots of Toronto, Peel and Ottawa have been advised that their regions — now in an amended version of Stage 2 lockdown — may be subject to different rules.

witches toronto

Though Halloween parties, get-togethers and even some pumpkin patches may be off-limits this year, people have been coming up with creative ways to keep spooky season alive, including new contraptions to give out candy in a physically distant way.

Scary movie nights with fellow members of your household, creepy baking or arts and crafts, and distanced activities like paddleboarding while in costume are also great options to enjoy the time of year.

Photos by

Malcolm Bryson

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