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Toronto anti-maskers say Cherry Beach chainsaw guys destroyed their DJ booth

The story of how two blood-covered, chainsaw-wielding men came to terrorize the public at Toronto's Cherry Beach on Sunday morning just keeps on getting weirder as witnesses come forward with additional details.

Members of the anti-lockdown group MAD (Mothers Against Distancing) say that the two men wielding chainsaws destroyed roughly $4,000 worth of DJ equipment that had been set up on the beach for a late-night protest afterparty.

Some background: The anti-lockdown / anti-face mask people have been hosting massive parties on Saturday nights at Cherry Beach following their weekly protests at Queen's Park.

Organizers say the gatherings are peaceful, and that they are technically an extension of the afternoon protest. The chainsaw guys were not attendees of the party, nor did they even appear on the beach until after the party was (for the most part) over.

It was while crews were cleaning up from the all-night beach party that things "ended in a chainsaw massacre showdown," as one member of the group put it.

Prominent anti-mask advocate Chris Sky, whose real name is Chris Saccoccia, spoke to Rebel News about the incident in a video published to YouTube Tuesday night. He has not yet responded to a request for comment from blogTO regarding what happened.

"Those guys stumbled upon the beach after the party was over, after all the guests were gone, except for a few people who were cleaning up the beach," Sky said of the chainsaw-wielding men, who were arrested by Toronto Police but have not been publicly named.

"Music was still running, at a lower level... apparently they exchanged words with somebody and they left," he continued. "The guy they exchanged words with also left the beach."

Sky says that the event's DJ came back after the initial fray (which Toronto Police described on Sunday as a "physical altercation" involving a "large group of people") to pack up his gear and help clean.

The DJ was unaware that the men had even been there before he arrived.

"At that moment when he was there, he just hears chainsaws, turns and sees two guys coming out of the bushes and rush him and his DJ equipment," said Sky.

"Like any sane person would do, he kept his distance between him and them and they literally went and cut all his equipment right in half."

He estimates that the attack caused roughly $4,000 worth of damage.

Toronto Police said on Monday that the two men carrying chainsaws had been injured in the initial fight (hence why they're already bloody in the videos) and that they came back for revenge.

"It is alleged that two men involved in the original altercation suffered injuries. They then left and returned with weapons," said police on Monday.

The men were arrested for their chainsaw antics, but are also considered victims of the initial attack, and thus have not been named by police.

Toronto Mayor John Tory said on Tuesday that the city will be keeping a closer eye on Cherry Beach moving forward in light of the incident, which terrified dozens of innocent people who were simply out for exercise on the trails north of Cherry Beach Sunday morning.

We may never know who started the original fight, setting off the bizarre chain of events that resulted in two bros sawing an anti-lockdown party DJ's sound equipment to pieces, but we can all agree that this story is perfectly on brand for 2020.

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