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These are some of the things not reopening as Toronto enters Stage 2

Stage 2 of Ontario's reopening plan officially goes into effect on Wednesday, meaning a whole slew of Toronto businesses and services are reopening at last.

That includes restaurant and bar patios, nail and hair salons,tattoo studios, shopping malls — the list is extensive

But there are still a number of everyday activities and establishments that will have to wait until Stage 3 of reopening before resuming regular programming. 

It's been a stressful few months, but for those seeking a good spa day, bad news: baths, hot tubs, floating pools, and sensory deprivation pods remain closed unless prescribed by or administered by a regulated health professional. 

Steam rooms, saunas, and bath houses also remain closed.

And though a number of personal care services are up and running again, beauty salons aren't allowed to provide a service that tends to a customer's face, including facials, facial hair grooming, lash extensions, eyebrow grooming, or makeup. That also includes oxygen bars. 

Large outdoor events like festivals, music festivals, parades, and fairs are still prohibited during Stage 2, meaning CNE 2020 is still offically, tragically, cancelled

In fact, concerts and sporting events will continue to be restricted, even into Stage 3. 

Same goes for amusement parks and water parks like Canada's Wonderland (don't worry, your season pass has been extended to 2021) or the 45-acre Wet'n'Wild in Brampton.

Conference centres also remain closed. And while some indoor and outdoor pools are filling up in preparation to receive swimmers, all locker rooms, change rooms, and showers inside community centres will remain closed to the public. 

That also applies to the change rooms and clubhouses across the city, unless they provide access to a washroom or emergency aid for outdoor recreational team sports. 

Malls like Eaton Centre, Yorkdale, and Pacific Mall are reopening, but dine-in at their indoor food courts are prohibited. 

In fact, dine-in service at any restaurant is still prohibited. Bars and nightclubs also continue to remain closed.

And while personal trainers are now able to get back to business, gyms like Goodlife Fitness are still not allowed to open their doors.

Movie theatres are also still a no-go in Ontario, though drive-in movie theatres are gearing up for a busier season than ever to make up for that. 

And as for workplaces, not all employers are being encouraged to resume regular work flow during this time, with service industries, offices, and retail spaces still being advised to let employees stay home if they can. 

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Hector Vasquez

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