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Woman and child steal package off Toronto porch and it was all caught on video

The issue of people stealing delivery parcels off porches is unfortunately not a new one in Toronto. Those who go around snatching packages off porches, colloquially known as porch pirates, have been wreaking havoc on the city for quite some time. 

And one video shows just how bad it's gotten. 

Kim C. was at home in the Upper Beaches area with her children and some friends at around 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon when an Amazon package was taken directly off her front stoop. 

Video footage from a security camera shows a woman and a young person walking by the house before the younger person cautiously approaches the home and picks up a small cardboard box sitting on the front porch. 

The two then hurry away. 

Though the relationship between the pair is unclear from the video alone, it appears to potentially be a mother and son. 

This particular incident, though different from many if the the culprits are in fact a mother and son, is reminiscent of what many Toronto homeowners have experienced since the online shopping craze began. 

Back in July, Leslieville resident Joe Rossi posted in the I am a Leslievillian Facebook group about an incident of porch theft in his neighbourhood. 

In the post, he explained what had happened and how he managed to get his parcel back, but he also pointed to a larger issue that is likely at the root of this phenomenon. 

"As much as we need to support our local police, be vigilant, and lookout for our neighbours, this problem will not go away without proactive support and services to assist those in poverty and Torontonians with a drug addiction," he said at the time.

Still, there are ways to try and avoid having your packages stolen while also putting pressure on government officials to address larger wealth disparity and addiction issues in the city. 

The option to shop in store is always there if you deem online shopping too risky.

And if you just can't make it out to the store, lock-boxes or door attachments can help protect your deliveries while customizable delivery services such as Penguin Pickup let you have your items delivered directly to them so they can keep your products safe until you pick them up.

Because nobody wants to have their gifts stolen right off their front porch this holiday season — or ever, for that matter. 

Lead photo by

Kim C.

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