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Someone just pooped all over a public elevator in Toronto

Just when the people of Toronto finally thought they were safe from random acts of feces, someone appears to have splattered human excrement all over the floor, walls and windows of a public elevator.

The mess in question was captured on camera by a commuter at the TTC's Eglinton West subway station on Wednesday evening.

"Someone took a crap in the Eglinton West station elevator," wrote the anonymous person in a tweet directed at TTC customer service, sharing a photo that boggles the mind as much as it churns the stomach.

Warning: The image contained in the tweet below is graphic and gross. 

It is unclear how or why, exactly, the feces got into the elevator, but they do appear to be human in nature — and quite loose, suggesting the pooper may have been suffering from urgent diarrhea.

A fecal splatter analyst, if such a thing exists, might suggest that someone squatted down and defecated, rather violently, onto the elevator wall behind them before moving forward to finish the rest of their business on the floor.

The person then appears to have wiped him or herself with a copy of On the Go Toronto, a commuter magazine available at TTC and GO Transit stations across the GTA. This, based on an identical ad for Marley Coffee seen only in the magazine's current issue.

A plausible theory for what happened is that someone couldn't find a toilet to use within the transit system — where public washrooms are notoriously scarce — before nature stopped calling and started screaming.

Whatever happened, the TTC was quick to clean up the biohazard, with a customer service representative replying to the original Tweet in less than 10 minutes to say "thanks for the heads up. I've notified our maintenance team of this matter."

When asked if this is a common occurrence, TTC spokesperson Stuart Green said that, "unfortunately, yes, it happens from time to time that humans and animals relieve themselves on property and in vehicles."

Green says that once the TTC is made aware of a "biohazardous element," the property or vehicle affected is taken out of service or contained so that a full cleaning can take place.

This is the case regardless of the element, whether it be feces, urine, vomit or blood.

"This obviously leads to service disruptions and inconvenience," says Green, "but the safety of our customers and staff is always paramount."

When asked about who the culprit might be, Green says the TTC can review video footage to investigate and determine next steps.

We can say with 100 per cent certainty, however, that this was not the work of Toronto feces thrower Samuel Opoku (better known online as "peepeepoopoo man.")

Toronto Police arrested Opoku last Tuesday after he allegedly spent three days tossing buckets of liquefied feces on people at university campuses across the city.

Five victims were hit with feces in total between November 22 and November 35.

Opoku remains in police custody awaiting his next bail hearing, meaning there's no way he could have smeared poop all over the elevator at Eglinton West Station on Wednesday night.

Whoever did will likely remain anonymous... and away from whatever they ate to make that situation possible.

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