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People are already mad at the Toronto Air Show and it hasn't even happened yet

It's that time of year again, Toronto: The days are getting shorter, the kids are gearing up for back-to-school and only one long weekend stands between us and the month of September.

If you were already in your feelings about the CNE's arrival earlier this month, the late-August fair's departure will surely bring you down even more — and there's no way to ignore the fact that it's happening thanks to the resounding "whoosh" of fighter jets.

With the last weekend of the CNE comes the annual Toronto Air Show, now in its 70th year.

Members of the Red Arrows, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds and other famous aviatory athletes will take to the skies every day between August 31 and September 2 from noon until 3 p.m.

It will be loud, as you well know if you've lived anywhere within roughly a 3-kilometre radius of Exhibition Place during this time of year.

It's already quite loud as of Friday with pilots practicing overhead and, despite the fact that it doesn't officially kick off until tomorrow, Toronto residents are already expressing their disdain for the air show.

"People griping about the air show on Twitter" is a legit thing that we've come to expect...

And, in some cases, make fun of.

Many critics assert that the airborne event glorifies war weaponry.

Others raise concerns about the noises and how they might be perceived by those who aren't aware of the air show's existence.

Others still worry about their pets, many of whom hate the incredibly loud noises of planes zipping overhead.

And yet, for all of its detractors, the airshow still has plenty of support among both organizers (clearly) and members of the public.

"OK, Toronto, controversial tweet. I love the airshow," wrote one Twitter user today as pilots practiced their routines.

"I grew up around air bases and this is an opportunity for talented men and women to show the results of their practice, dedication and skills in a setting where they aren't rescuing your lost loved one, or being shot at." 

The 2019 Toronto Air Show starts tomorrow at noon. Unless you're far from the downtown core or hiding in a basement, you really can't miss it.

Lead photo by

Red Arrows

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