Toronto cops edibles

Everyone is making fun of Toronto cops who ate illicit weed

Two Toronto police officers are making international headlines today as word gets around that they've been suspended for seizing, consuming and then getting so high off of marijuana edibles they had to call for back up.

Details are a bit murky at this point, but what we do have is pretty gold in terms of joke fodder - and the entire world is loving it. Here's what went down, if you're curious as to why:

The Toronto Police Service confirmed on Monday that two of its officers are under investigation by the force's professional standards unit in connection with an incident that happened this weekend.

Police sources told NEWSTALK 1010 on Monday that the officers had obtained "marijuana-infused goodies" while raiding a cannabis dispensary at St. Clair and Dufferin on Saturday night. 

The officers allegedly ate these goodies, which were meant to be taken away as evidence, while they were still on duty.

Not feeling the effects right away, the officers decided to consume more of the product, and - well, you know how that sh** go.

Police sources told multiple local news outlets that at least one officer was complaining of "hallucinations" while intoxicated.

CP24 reports that one of the officers was so high he ended up getting stuck in a tree, prompting the pair to send out a distress call.

Both officers were reportedly taken to Sunnybrook hospital – along with a third cop who responded to the scene and slipped on ice, injuring her head.

Toronto Police Association president Mike McCormack has said that he won't be commenting on the investigation until it is complete, though he did confirm that two officers alleged to have taken edibles this weekend are currently suspended with pay.

Still, people can't seem to get enough of this case.

Many are likening the story of these officers and their hijinks to a Judd Apatow movie or the the cult classic film Super Troopers – which, coincidentally, has a sequel coming out this year on April 20.

CP24 has identified the officers in question as Const. Vito Dominelli and Const. Jamie Young from Toronto’s 13 Division.

According to CTV, the officers were apparently "conducting plain-clothed surveillance" when the incident took place and that Dominelli, for his part had "cultivated a considerable social media following by posting videos in uniform where he engages in light-hearted activities, like lip synching to music."

As it stands now, Dominelli's Twitter profile is inactive and his Instagram page has been scrubbed clean.

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Vittorio Dominelli/Twitter

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