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10 Toronto places The Weeknd should take Selena Gomez next

The Sleeknd has been out in full force this week and have been spotted at a number of Toronto mainstays, like Ripley's Aquarium, the Thompson Diner and Harbour Sixty. So where are they going to go next?

Here are my picks for the top places the Weeknd should take Selena Gomez in Toronto.


The ROM is a great pick for any date, but the Weeknd will get extra points for bringing Selena here since the James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs is sure to remind her of her humble beginnings with Barney Friends. Plus, the blue whale is a must-see show.


The ACC is home to the Leafs and Raptors as well as Drake's exclusive lounge but that's not why they should go here. The real reason is because it's also the second most Instagrammed spot in Toronto, and Selena is the most followed person on Instagram. A classy Claredon-filtered pic is definitely in order.

The Lockhart

Though Selena never appeared in a Harry Potter movie, her breakout role was also as a child wizard on The Wizards of Waverly Place. The Lockhart maintains a good balance between cool and magical, with great cocktails and delicious food inspired by the wizarding world.

Shopping on West Queen West

Selena has already shopped Yorkville (with the Weeknd) and the Eaton Centre (with this other guy) so it's time to take her to Vogue's favourite Toronto neighbourhood. Selena can spend her time getting custom, edible lipstick at Bite Lip Lab or unique finds at Tusk.

The Faculty Club at University of Toronto

The Weeknd recently made a big donation to U of T to back its Ethiopia Studies program. Having lunch at this members-only club would be a surefire way to subtly remind Selena that he's one of Canada’s special breed of celebrity handsome-yet-good-hearted dudes.

The Madison

The Maddy doesn’t usually top the list of places that are great for dates but taking Selena to a gross mansion overrun with frat boys and beer bongs demonstrate that the Weeknd does pay attention to her more recent movie roles (Spring Breakers! Neighbours 2!).

Book City

Selena recently had a big milestone when she was featured on the cover of American Vogue. If The Weeknd knows what he’s doing, he should take Selena to one of Toronto’s most loved bookstores. There, he can show off the issue and compare it to the cover of other publications for Selena’s enjoyment (take that, ScarJo).

Come & Get It

Come & Get It is the name of the lead single from Queen Sel’s first solo album. It's also the name of this restaurant on West Queen West. If the Weeknd doesn't take her here for poutine (or a quick laugh), he's totally missing out.

A Beyography class

Selena was in Toronto last May when a scheduling mishap put her concert head-to-head with Beyonce’s. Next time this happens, they might be quicker to just let fate take the wheel and do a duo show. But first things first in this fantasy world, Selena needs to learn some of Beyonce’s moves.


Whether you’re a casual Drake fan or maintain a close friendship while quietly telling yourself, Lion King-style, that one day all of Toronto will be yours, the Drake owned Fring’s is a classic choice. Plus, it will give the Weeknd something to talk about the next time he hangs out with him in Europe.

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Jesse Milns at the Madison

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