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5 neighbourhoods in Toronto where you can still rent a decent apartment for $1000

The $1000 apartment in Toronto can be an elusive standard. It wasn't so long ago that a prospective renter could feel confident that this number would secure a decent above ground apartment, typically a bachelor in amenity-rich neighbourhoods and often a one-bedroom away from the core. Those days have passed, but there are still pockets of the city where you might find such apartments if you have a little time to search.

Here are 5 Toronto neighbourhoods where you can still rent a decent apartment for $1000.

Davenport Village

Perhaps by virtue of its less-than-ideal transit situation (it'll take 15 minutes or more to walk to Line 2), rents in Davenport Village have remained mostly sane over the last decade. This bright bachelor is a decent indication of what's on offer here (a one bedroom in the same building is $1150) as is this nicely finished basement further west.

Pape Village

If you're the type that prefers a less hectic neighbourhood but still want to be close enough to the action of the Danforth, Pape Village is worth keeping tabs on. The neighbourhood is bustling with bakeries, cafes, and small businesses, and has excellent proximity to the Don Valley. One bedroom units in some of the brick apartment buildings in the area start at $850 and prices tend to climb as you head towards the Danforth, though are still decent listings to the south as well.

East Danforth

Those who like to be more proximate to a main drag would do well to check the listings that come up along the East Danforth. This up and coming neighbourhood has seen a nice increase in restaurants and small businesses over the past few years, but has remained atainable in terms of rent standards. Spacious bachelors can be found for well under $1000, while spending just a little over could get you a nice pad closer to Donlands.

The Upper Beaches

The real estate agents won on the naming of this neighbourhood, which is not particularly close to the beach, but it has a lot going for it, starting with reasonable rents. The stretch along Kingston Rd. is particularly lively, though it's getting more expensive as condos move in. For now you can rent a nice one bedroom here for a grand on the main strip. If you're willing to do the basement thing, you can get a bit closer to the Beaches.

Corso Italia

I love Corso Italia. It's far from the subway, sure, but the streetcar ROW is great (when it's not under construction) and the rent in this neighbourhood has yet to spike, despite all the amenties along St. Clair. If you're willing to head north towards Rogers Rd., you can rent a nice above ground spot for $1000, though a two bedroom basement closer to St. Clair can still be found for the same amount.

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Jesse Milns.

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