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Stranger Things parties now happening at Toronto bars

Filling the gaping hole left by lack of additional episodes to watch after the wrap of the first season of Stranger Things are parties devoted to the show at bars in Toronto. There was a Stranger Things party last week at Edenhall and tonight there's an event dedicated to one of the show's quirkiest characters.

For hardcore fans, Barb was a standout character despite her modest screen time. There's something about this sassy ginger nerd vixen that viewers instantly latched onto, and that's being celebrated with a night of music, drinks and other surprises at the Yukon.

What about Barb? is a night being thrown by the bar's manager Scott McCallum because he and so many other fans believes Barb Holland deserves more.

"We'll have a drink inspired by Barb, called the 'I'm Chill,'" McCallum says."It'll be complex but restrained, sweet but serious, a refreshing low alcohol drink."

The idea for the party germinated with McCallum's creative flick of the wrist. "I adjusted the font for our bar name on our chalkboard sign to be in the Stranger Things title font," he says, "which started so much conversation within the bar that it pushed me to do more."

At the party you'll be able to witness some "live Barb-inspired chalk art by some talented local artists, add an entry to Barb's diary, even play a song on guitar or do a reading if you're feeling so moved."

McCallum says it's an inclusive welcoming space and he wants people to feel free to "share the love and goodness that Barb inspired."

There's also obviously an inspired playlist. "For the playlist I'm trying to have songs that lyrically relate to Barb's character struggles and interactions within the show, or capture an admirers viewpoint," McCallum explains.

"I'm also trying to keep [it] in tune with the atmosphere of the show and era appropriate, 1983, but I'm making exceptions for excellent fits. Some are darker than other for example, Siouxsie and The Banshees' song 'Pulled to Bits.'"

"Lionel Ritchie's 'All Night Long' was number 1 for weeks in November, 1983. While I think Barb might have acted like she hated that song, I can totally picture her singing along with it when she's at home alone. There's also a few songs from the show, obviously "'Should I stay or Should I go.'"

A dreamy/creepy night of nostalgic music and like-minded folks in the mood to relive their teenage years, or just that summer horror flick vibe. All wrapped in a bow to Barb.

"[Barb was] perfectly emblematic of that awkwardness that resonates with so many
people when remembering their high school years," McCallum concludes.

"She also leaves us with a gut wrenching feeling of loss and uncertainty and so many questions. Why is there no search party for Barb? What's up with her parents? I know that her mom seemed worried, but I mean, come on..."

Image from Netflix.

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