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Toronto aims to rebrand downtown in quirky new video

Toronto's downtown core has changed a lot over the past 40 years. That's why the city's creating a new comprehensive plan to ensure it remains liveable as it continues to grow.

To drum up excitement - and to seek input from the public - the city created a Bar Mitzvah video of sorts for DT - a.k.a Downtown Toronto.

The more two-and-a-half minute YouTube clips features locals, as well as downtown city councillors and Norm Kelly, talking about what makes DT such a great place to live, work and play.

It's predictably corny, delightfully Canadian and features wonderful moments, including one where John Tory refers to himself as "JT" and mentions Drake all in the same breath. You can check it out below.

And, if you have feedback for how the city can improve the downtown core, you can have your say online or in person at various public meetings and events.

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