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10 signs you live in Little Italy

Little Italy is one of Toronto's most vibrant communities. It's a nightlife hub, has top-notch pizza and is often filled with soccer-related celebrations. While many outsiders like to take in the local attractions on weekends, full-time residents know what the neighbourhood's really like.

Here are 10 signs you live in Little Italy.

1. You'll never wait in line for Aunties & Uncles, but relish the chance to eat there mid-week.

2. You dread the alternating summers when either the World or Euro Cup is on.

3. You're fiercely allegiant to either Bitondo's or San Fran, but not both.

4. You've carried on conversations with your naked neighbours in the YMCA change rooms.

5. You know that Splish Splash is not just a convenience store. It's also a one-stop shop where you can do laundry, use the internet and browse through a random selection of toy miniatures.

6. You take caution when leaving your home on the weekend because of the puddles of puke that line the sidewalks.

7. You know that the Metro sucks and would rather shop at Grace Meats, a gem where you can fulfil all your BBQ needs as well as your cravings for warm ricotta.

8. You regard The Dip as a place for tourists.

9. You recognize that the tackier the lawn sculptures, the more likely your neighbours are avid gardeners who grow enviable grapes and tomatoes in their backyard.

10. The procession on Good Friday is still an unsettling surprise, even though it happens every year.

What signs did I miss? Add more to the comments.

Photo by Jacques in the blogTO Flickr pool.

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