10 things that you just don't do in Toronto

Toronto has a reputation for being conformist as compared with Montreal or even Vancouver, and to an extent the characterization is true: there are unwritten rules here that, if broken, can result in pain, embarrassment, or at least some serious eye rolling.

Here are 10 things you just don't do in Toronto.

Mix it up with streetcar tracks on a bike

Every frequent cyclist has a story, usually a painful one, about having a tire chomped by the streetcar tracks. Pro tip: cross the rails at 90 degrees, or as close to it as possible.

Go up the CN Tower

The tower might be an icon of the city, but everyone knows it's not meant for Torontonians to enjoy. Here's a bunch of reasons why your visit might not live up to expectations.

Expect the TTC to deliver you on time

Google says 30 minutes by transit? Better give it an hour, or two.

Say "world class city"

We are one, but those three words are enough to make anyone's eyes roll.

Believe the Raptors can beat the Cavaliers

Hope might spring eternal for Toronto sports fans at the outset of the season, but after consecutive play-off losses to LeBron James and Co., belief our team can come out of the east has faded.

Trust that your Presto card will work

Even as more and more people start using Presto, the litany of problems that have plagued the transit smart card has meant that pretty much every user has had their commute delayed thanks to broken fare gate or re-load machine.

Bring wine to dinner and avoid paying corkage

Yeah, you can do it at some places on some nights, but it's just not part of our dining culture, and don't expect the wait staff not to make a face.

Buy a house for under $500K

There was a time not so long ago when decent $500K houses were readily listed in Toronto. Alas, the hope that you'll find an affordable home in this city is a thing of the past.

Drink Coffee from Timothy's or La Prep

There are plenty of coffee drinking types in Toronto, from rabid Tim Hortons fans to those who refuse to go anywhere but indie cafes. Finding someone who sings the praises of Timothy's or La Prep, on the other hand, is worthy of a medal.

Hang out at Yonge-Dundas square

With the exception of loitering high school students and the occasional event, Yonge-Dundas Square remains a wasteland on inactivity even as the adjacent sidewalks brim with activity. Even the free screenings in the summer are killed by light pollution.

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