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The top 10 truck rental options in Toronto

Truck rental options in Toronto offer hot wheels and deals for the big moving day. Need something big enough to transport grandma's antique wardrobe and the king-size box spring you though was a steal at Leon's, but now is proving a real pain to squeeze in?

Here's a round-up of truck rental options in Toronto.


There is a reason this company is synonymous with moving, they've got the biggest fleet of trucks in various sizes from a pick-up truck to 26' straight trucks, and great prices too. Pick-ups start at $19.95 a day, plus $0.49/kilometer, while a 26' truck that's big enough to move a 3-4 bedroom home is $39.95 a day, plus $0.69/kilometer.


This rental outlet has lots of truck deals. The base rate for a 16' cube truck is $49.99 and you get 100 free kilometres, which makes it perfect for inter-city moving. After 100 kilometres though, you'll have to pay up. 


The base rate may be higher than other places, but they offer unlimited or low price kilometres. For trucks it is the same, a pick-up is $69.98 a day, unlimited, while a 16' cube truck is $99.99 a day, 300 free kilometres, then only $0.20 every additional kilometre.


About on par with Enterprise, this rental outlet prices $89.99 a day for a 16' truck, with 50 kilometres included, and $0.22 for every additional. A collision damage waiver is required for that size vehicle which adds another $26.99 onto your bill. 

Advantage Car Rentals

With the option to rent a full-sized pickup or a 16' truck and have it delivered anywhere in the GTA, you can rest easy come moving day. Check the deals page for deals and discounts to snag the truck you need for a reasonable price. 

Wheels 4 Rent

Offering full-sized pickups, cube trucks, 20-24' trucks, refrigerated trucks and flatbeds, you're covered for all types of moves by this company. They also run "deals on wheels" that change every so often, so be sure to check those and make sure that you're getting the best possible price. 


A 16' foot truck starts at $130, but you get 200 free kilometres, and extra distance costs $0.20 a kilometre. Plus during checkout there are a bunch of easy to add add-ons. 


This rental outlet has a big fleet of trucks, which means they might still have some available when you've forgotten to book in advance. A 16' truck starts at $29.99, and every kilometre costs $0.79. They also have earlier pick-up and drop-off times, which makes it convenient for those who want to move before the morning traffic.


Here a 16' truck runs you $39 per day, with each kilometre $0.89. The nice thing is they also offer weekly rates ($273.00 for a 16') if you happen to doing a couple of trips, distance moves or splits or something. 

Zip Car

This alternative to traditional rental companies can be dead cheap if you plan just a little bit ahead. You must join and pay the application fee, and then you're able to choose the plan rates that work for your intended usage.

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