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The top 10 options for moving boxes in Toronto

Moving boxes in Toronto can be hard to come by. Even if you manage to locate a few behind a store, or maybe score them off a friend, proper disposal can be a pain. But fear not! Toronto is home to several different services that can help you with all your moving box needs.

From re-usable to traditional cardboard, here are the top places to find moving boxes in Toronto.

BOXES Toronto

BOXES Toronto, the sister company of XYZ Storage, offers boxes, packing supplies, and other moving essentials. Boxes come in nine sizes and are suitable for items ranging from wardrobes to dish sets and TVs. Prices for basic boxes start at $2.49 and go up.


CityBoxes is based on an eco-friendly model. They simply deliver reusable plastic boxes to you and then collect the boxes at your new address. You can rent 20 moving boxes from them from $100 per week.


Frogbox is also a green alternative. They rent out plastic, reusable boxes that they deliver and pick up at your door. You can place your order online or by phone. A 25 box rental for one week will cost you $135. They have free local delivery, and their pricing list offers a number of bundles.

The Box Guys

The Box Guys in Leslieville sell a variety of boxes that will cost you anywhere from $2.10 to $6.50. They also offer a free wardrobe service where they will pack up your closet for you and unpack it at your new home. They offer a long list of specialty boxes for items like mirrors, lamps, bikes, golf clubs, flat-screen TVs, and more. 


CARGO CABBIE will not only fulfill your need for boxes, but it will also pack and move all of your stuff for you too. They take care of small to large moves, whether you need to move from your home, condo, or office. They offer an easy way to get a quote online. Their basic boxes range from $1.05 to $6.70.

Green Box Rental

Green Box Rental provides reusable stacking boxes and operates entirely online. They offer 30 boxes for two weeks at $149, and the prices go up from there. Green Box delivers the boxes to you and picks up the boxes after you are finished with them. Delivery and pickup are free within the GTA.

Rotblott's Discount Warehouse

Rotblott's Discount Warehouse is a one-stop-shop near Adelaide and Bathurst. Not only does the company sell cardboard moving boxes starting at $1.99, but it also stocks ladders, gloves, dollies, plenty of hardware, and anything else you might need to help with your move.

Used Boxes

This company offers gently-used boxes that may have been used once before as an environmentally sustainable option. Prices start at $77.11 for a 30-box bundle. They offer fast 1-4 day delivery on all box orders over $50.

The Box Spot

The Box Spot has a wide variety of moving supplies, from bubble wrap to labels and specialty boxes. To get a quote for pricing, you can call or visit (542 Mt. Pleasant Rd. or 2877 Bloor St. W.) They also offer a variety of combo deals and free delivery within the GTA.


BOXED INN is located on The Queensway at Kipling Ave., and it boasts a huge selection of moving-related items, from single boxes, which start at $2.19, to entire moving bundles, which start at $56 and include everything you need to pack up your life.

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