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New in Toronto real estate: INDX condos

After a number of false starts, construction looks like it will actually happen at 70 Temperance. Lifetime Developments and CenterCourt Developments have collaborated to create a massive residential tower at Bay and Adelaide, which will be located right next to the historic Graphic Arts Building. INDX Condos will have everything from a tasting room to a poker lounge, with a wine fridge in every suite and a direct connection to the downtown PATH. Needless to say, INDX is after the (single?) urban professional; he who doesn't mind the sound of traffic as his evening lullaby. Here's a closer look at INDX Condos.

INDX Condos


Number of units: 798

Number of floors: 54

Unit sizes (in square feet): 361 - 821 (+ penthouses)

Starting price: $260,900

Parking: $69,900 (limited to select suites)

Storage locker: $5,000

Maintenance: $0.50 /sq. ft.

Parking maintenance: $99.95 /mo

Storage locker maintenance: 29.95 /mo

Hydro included?: No

Interior design by: Cecconi Simone

Number of elevators: 5

Amenities: Fitness centre, poker room (yes, really), golf room (again, really), theatre room, guest suites, party room, terrace, 24-hr concierge, car sharing

Expected occupancy: December 2015

INDX Condo


For a perfectly placed pied-Ã -terre, you really can't do better than right at Bay and Adelaide. The target market is terribly apparent, and Lifetime is looking at you suited finance folk. Beyond the 24-hour concierge who receive your dry cleaning and take in your grocery deliveries (no, I'm not kidding), every single unit in INDX comes standard with an undercounter wine fridge.

Because only troglodytes chill their wines in a typical refrigerator. But for the urban professional will little time to commute (or go grocery shopping, for that matter), INDX seems to have covered all the right bases. Recognizing the importance of keeping the chardonnay separate from the Cheez Whiz is just an added bonus.

And speaking of bonuses, there is a good chance that you will never, ever have to go outside if you buy a unit at INDX. Hurray for Vitamin D deficiency! But seriously, winter can be awful, but fortunately INDX will be connected to the underground PATH and subway. And that means fewer frantic footwear swaps when you arrive at work and try to hide those dorky snow boots.

INDX's garage will also host a number of car share vehicles, which will provide another option for those 700 or so units that are sold without parking spaces. As Lifetime says in its marketing brochure, "See, you are sooo connected." Did you wince? I did.

Also worth noting is that many of the units (especially those facing north) should have pretty stellar views. Especially once you cross the halfway-up mark. But for those stuck on the fifth floor with barely a view to the next building, there's always the option of resorting to the poker room or golf stimulator. Greener pastures, as they say.

INDX Condo


These suites are itty-bitty. Not unexpected for an address at Bay and Adelaide, but not a lot of stretching room all the same. For 500 square feet or more, count on easily forking over $350k. Again, not a problem for a pied-Ã -terre, but certainly questionable for couples or individuals with extensive wardrobes. And seriously, 740 square feet for a THREE-bedroom unit!? But in this case, I blame Toronto's asinine rules about family-sized downtown units, but I'm not going to head down that road.

Instead, I'll head down the road frequently charted in this series; that of the suite that forgoes functionality in favour of openness. INDX kitchens, like too many other kitchens in Toronto condos, appear ill-suited to actual cooking, with little countertop space and/or storage for dishes and pantry items. Many of floorplans also offer bedrooms that have scant space for a bookshelf or nightstand, with one sliding door (or sometimes, two) closing the space to form an actual "room." Perhaps the urban professional doesn't do a whole lot of cooking and/or bedtime reading, but it would be nice if the space offered the option.

And lastly, let's all put on our architecture caps and pass judgement on the actual aesthetics of the structure (because that's not annoying or troll-like at all, right?). Personally, I think it's sort of tacky when a sleek new structure emerges from and/or alongside a historic Toronto structure. Then again, a historic emulation would probably be just as tacky (not to mention, expensive), so I suppose it's lose/lose.

Anonymous internet commenters (the best kind of commenters) have opined that INDX looks a bit like a USB hub, which is better than my initial assessment of the building as a row of staples. Please weigh in on this most important discussion.

And a note on maintenance; those poker games, nights in the tasting room, and afternoons perfecting your swing will soon catch up with you. Enjoy the low fees while they last.


A solid choice for the anti-cook, anti-snow, wine-guzzling urban professional (now that's a line to put on a dating profile). Can't get better in terms of a central pied-Ã -terre, though you can certainly get more bang (read: space) for your buck outside of the core.

INDX Condos

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