Ontario Provincial Election Results 2011

Ontario provincial election results 2011

Ontario provincial election results 2011

The polls have just closed in the GTA, with the exception of Toronto-Centre and Trinity-Spadina, where the polling stations encountered significant enough technical difficulties that they've decided to keep them open until 9:30 p.m. We'll be updating this post over the course of the night as the results from the Ontario provincial election roll in. A close race is predicted, with 54 seats required to win a majority.



Ontario provincial election results

This is what it looks like this morning. Prior to the inevitable recounts in close ridings, the Liberals have won a minority government, coming just shy of the 54 seats required for a majority. Dalton McGuinty did, however, rule out any "deals" with other parties, saying he would work with the NDP and the PCs on a "case by case" basis.




somebody had to say it.


Here's, once again, where it stands now:

LIB: 53 PC: 37 NDP: 17 GPO: 0

Should these results hold, just to be clear, the Liberals would hold a minority government (54 is needed for a majority). Should this remain the case, the big question to sign off on is who's the real winner tonight?


Last map of the night - this is the Toronto breakdown as it stands at the outset of October 7th.

Onatrio Provincial Election 2011

The Liberals and NDP retain a stronghold on pre-amalgamation Toronto.

Holding strong at:

LIB: 53 PC: 37 NDP: 17 GPO: 0


Citytv declares a Liberal Minority Government. They are alone so far (I think).


Hghlights from Dalton McGunity's victory speech:

  • "While we may not know what the results will be in all the ridings, we will have succeeded in a goal of forming a Liberal government."
  • Forward together is the motif of McGuinty's speech


Horwath calls it a victory in Hamilton (though, not technicaly).

Andrea Horwath


Waiting on McGuinty. And! Waiting on the majority.minority question. Still not officially resolved with the Liberals at 53 electoral districts/seats. Here's the whole picture:

LIB: 53 PC: 37 NDP: 17 GPO: O



So, yeah, the GTA has been kind of important, no? Map via the CBC.


Tim Hudak on the mike. "My friends, let me tell you, it's good to be back home again."

Other highlights:

  • "Although the result is not the one we hoped for, we do accept it."
  • "We don't know if it'll be minority or majority government, but it is clear that the people of Ontario have shown they want a change in direction."
  • "The people of Ontario have put Dalton McGuinity on a much shorter leash."


Polls reporting right now:

LIB: 53 PC: 37 NDP: 17 GPO: 0


Rosario Marchese just took back the lead in Trinity-Spadina, though it is still *very* tight. 70 polls left to report.


Here is Andrea Horwath's, untouched, cake. Not a terrible night for them, but hopes were higher.




Twitter Ontario Election


The Toronto Star likes CTV (I wonder why). "McGuinty's Liberals victorious and in majority territory"


Question: What of Ford Nation?


Jonah Schein leads Cristina Martins by a a narrow margin in Davenport. Same deal in Trinity-Spadina, where somehow Sarah Thomson is also narrowly leading (over Rosario Marchese).


The majority question is the question. Libs hang around 53/54 seats right now.


NDP provincial

The scene at the NDP party in Hamilton as supporters wait for results. The party is currently projected at 17 seats.


Rocco Rossi looks like he's going to lose again. Time to hang 'em up R.R.?


Everyone is still projecting a Liberal win, but here's the polls as it stands now:

LIB: 50 PC: 38 NDP: 19 GPO: 0


CP24 and CTV declare Liberal win. The key question remains whether or not it's a majority. Here's the results, as reporting right now (via CBC):

LIB: 52 PC: 38 NDP: 15 GPO: 0


Huge update early in the night! Here are the projected results as reported by CP24 at 9:20pm or so.

LIB: 50 PC: 35: NDP: 13 GPO: 0

That's majority territory. The Liberals are leading in 49 ridings, while the PCs are leading in 25.


Not that it really matters at this point, but this is who some of the TO-based media folks endorsed:


Oh hey, it's 2-0 Leafs. In case you care...


Just kidding! The stupid-early results have it as follows (N.B. this is irrelevant):

PC: 7 LIB: 4 NDP: 0 GPO: 0


I'm actually watching the hockey game right now, so I don't have an update to offer.


The polls just closed! Maybe if I use enough exclamation points, this election will become exciting!

Photo by Amir Syed in the blogTO Flickr pool

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