Last Good Bye at Summerhill Station

Three posts I should have already written

If only blogTO had a miscellaneous category, this post would be the ideal candidate for inclusion. Where else does an oddball collection of a poetic anagram, a short film, and an 80s music video belong? Well, given that they're all related to Toronto, I guess the "city" category will have to do.

I gathered these disparate threads together last night after Dan Busheikin brought to my attention to a film project that he had put together with Anne Douris just under a year ago. I had put out a call for readers to submit Toronto based art projects at the bottom of this post, and The Last Goodbye at Summerhill certainly fit the bill.

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But, given that I hadn't posted on it when it first came out, I started to wonder if I had any other stuff worthy of retrospective posting. Almost immediately, I recalled two others that I'd been looking for an excuse to get up on the site.

1. The Last Goodbye at Summerhill

The origin of this post, and an awesome little video. Who hasn't experienced a platform goodbye on the TTC? Somehow it even makes the bland Summerhill Station lovable.

2. This text and the one beside it are equal

Christian Bok Micah Lexier anagram

A window installation by Micah Lexier and Christian Bรถk at MKG127 back in 2007, this might be the most impressive anagram I've ever seen. That's not surprising given Bรถk's linguistic feats in Eunoia, but somehow this small dose is even more captivating than the five-chapter book.

3. Spoons - Romantic Traffic

I would have posted this on its own if it wasn't for the fact that I fear my 80s love is getting a little tiresome. But, man do I love this video! Those red subway cars just make me smile, and the song has always been catchy as hell.

Photo of "This text and the one beside it are equal" by whoaa buddy.

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