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Morning Brew: Pearson Airport Train Link to go Diesel, No Refunds from Strike Savings, Bell and Telus to get iPhone, Toys for Charity Stolen

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What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Diesel trains connecting Pearson Airport to Union Station along the Georgetown corridor have been given the green light. By 2015, Toronto residents in Parkdale, the Junction, and Weston will see the number of trains passing by jump to about 400 (up from 50 currently). Metrolinx would have liked to have been able to go electric, but claim that it's just too expensive a proposition.

Savings incurred during the 39-day municipal workers' strike this summer will not result in direct rebates for Torontonians who weren't provided with paid services (like garbage collection). Instead, the savings will be rolled into next year's budget, and residents and businesses will be given a $22 reduction on their property taxes (which are expected to rise next year, so that strike-related cut won't appear to be much).

Rogers exclusive arrangement with Apple that has iPhones only active on their network may soon be a thing of the past. Bell could have iPhones ready to roll out on their new network in November, and Telus should follow soon after. While it's not likely to bring down pricing much, it does even out the smart phone contract competition some.

A truck containing toys destined for charity was stolen over a week ago, and hasn't been recovered. Chances are the thieves had no idea that the goods inside were for kids in need, but people who steal generally don't give a hoot who loses as long as they gain. (Click the link, so you can see that the Toronto Star web site got another face lift.)

Students at Jarvis Collegiate are mourning the loss of David Dewees, the teacher who stood accused of sexual-related offenses and committed suicide before he could be tried. Many are saying he's been unfairly judged by the media. When you have reporters like Rosie DiManno writing sensational pieces and responding to respectful reader inquiries by calling them pedophile sympathizers (read the comments on the Torontoist article), you have to wonder...

Little known fact: riding your bike on the sidewalk in Toronto downtown could land you an $85 fine. But doing the same in Scarborough results in a $3.75 fine. I wonder how much it costs to hand out and process a $3.75 fine?

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