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Morning Brew: Your Ass is Grass, Inhumane Humaneness, Defamation Funds

Photo: "me and you and a New Canoe" by backintheworld, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Four people were taken to hospital and three suspects were arrested after an SUV, which was apparently fleeing police on bicycles, bounced off a couple of cars and then smashed into a TTC bus shelter at Queen & University. Thankfully, the bystanders that were struck are expected to recover from their injuries.

After reading chapter 3 of "How to Exploit Children for Personal Gain", and visiting a number of real estate open houses, a Brampton woman is in custody. It's believed that she trained her boys (about 6 and 12 years old) to keep the agents and homeowners distracted while she allegedly nabbed jewelery, electronics, and whatever else she could get her dirty hands on.

Unless you have obtained official "natural garden" status on your lawn, be sure not to let it go unkempt for too long. If city inspectors finds your grass taller than 20cm and you don't take heed to their warning, they may end up cutting it for you and fining you for their trouble. Anyone know how much the fine is (it's not stated in the linked CityNews article).

The Toronto Humane Society location on River Street was raided by police and had its affiliate status as an animal shelter suspended. Why? Allegations of violations of standards of care and animal suffering are coming from The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This has my head spinning. It's like pitting Gandhi and Mother Teresa against each other in a mixed martial arts match.

Here's an awesome idea: use taxpayer money to fund lawsuits by city councillors against people who face defamation allegations. That'll keep those city councillors protected. And us quiet.

Can you say "Cy Young"? The Jays' Roy Halladay pitched a complete game last night, and scored a career best 14 strikeouts in the process. He now leads the majors with a 9-1 record (which should actually be 11-1 if it weren't for a couple of tough loses by no fault of his own).

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